Renovations & Refurbishments

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Renovations & Refurbishments

Building renovations need care, experience and skill. The focus should not be to merely restore and renovate a building to it’s former glory, but to ensure it fulfils its current function as easily and effortlessly as possible. Sometimes this can mean blending old and new brickwork – the key to success is making sure that the old and new blend seamlessly.

Garnett Hughes are experts at building renovations, with over 16 years’ experience.

We continue to deliver the highest standards of workmanship, and have the expertise needed to renovate buildings to a modern standard whilst maintaining the character, feel and style of the original premises.

Whether your building needs a repoint, or replacement of the actual bricks, we have the skills, tools and experience to both maintain structural integrity and achieve the look and feel you need from your building investment.

Whether antique brickwork, lime mortar, specialist stone or other materials, our expertise will ensure that any building works are sympathetically and efficiently carried out – giving you piece of mind.

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