Garnett-Hughes support apprentice engagement

Garnett-Hughes support apprentice engagement at careers event hosted by Cambria College, Wrexham campus.

Garnett-Hughes Developments shared industry knowledge to help develop the skills of future apprentices at Bersham Road Campus of Cambria College in Wrexham. We engaged with 35 students of mixed trades giving an insight into our culture, the skills we seek in the industry and how to develop CV’s. Areas for consideration in communication in the construction industry were discusssed, particularly in relation to the impact of social media. 

David Garnett-Hughes, Managing Director said:

We were delighted to be able to support the college’s job-shop providing opportunities for local apprentices in Wrexham. The initiative was part of our social value commitment to the North Wales Construction Partnership promoting local skills, support and service delivery. The recruitment of local people will assist in our endeavours to support economic regeneration, improve the social impact of each and every project and add economic value regionally.

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